The WINtek Grid System - Dual-paned windows can be given a traditional Divided Light appearance with our snap-on WINtek bar system that is easy to install, does not heavily rely on double-sided tape or hot-melt adhesive and gives a more authentic effect than aluminum bars within the sealed unit alone. The WINtek Grid SDL application system from WINtek is fitted internally, externally or both, and can be installed on site. It’s all in the clip! With GeoFast patented technology the U clip aligns and centers the SDL grid bars with minimal tape or adhesive used. The WINtek Grid system can also be a retro-fit product used on existing windows and allows it to be re-used in the event of breakage or failure of a sealed unit. The WINtek Grid system provides the stylish, effective and trouble free answer to anyone wishing to achieve an authentic looking Divided light style dual paned window. Bars are made from high quality grade PVC and are supplied in 10 foot lengths. U-clips are available in ¾" inch, ⁷⁄₈" inch, and 1" inch glass thickness and are color coded to match the relevant bar. There are multiple colors to choose from and Foils to meet your every customers need. Our range of WINtek GRID/SDL Bars, clips and end-caps are approved and used in Europe by Rehau, Duraflex, Eurocell, Veka, Spectus, Kommerling, Synseal, Liniar and many others.