Landscape upgrades that last for life.

Superior Beauty & Selection


Imagine the Possibilities!


Vinyl privacy fencing that has the look and feel of wood…white picket fences that stay white forever…utility sheds so attractive they can be used as landscaping design elements…decks and patio covers that will look as stunning 20 years from now as they do today. DuraMax brings you all of this and more.


DuraMax manufactures a wide selection of attractive vinyl building products, all specially engineered to ensure that they won’t fade, chip, yellow or discolor even after years in the hot Southwest sun. So go ahead and browse through our site to find the perfect fencing, wall, deck, patio cover or outdoor storage shed to complement your landscaping. From the most popular styles and colors to wood-grain textures and designer details, DuraMax has what you’re looking for to upgrade your yard…and your life! 

Maximum Durability & Low Maintenance


Built to Last


There’s a reason why all DuraMax building products are backed by lifetime warrantees: DuraMax products are engineered to last a lifetime.


From our proprietary DuraResin vinyl (which boasts over 12 parts Titanium Dioxide and highly-perfected UV inhibitors) to the “route and lock” construction of our vinyl fences and patio covers. From the steel reinforcement of our vinyl storage sheds and patio covers to the fire resistance of all of our vinyl building products, DuraMax is designed for maximum durability and minimum maintenance.


Formulated for the Southwest Sun


If you live in the Southwest, you know what kind of damage the region’s harsh sun and extreme temperatures can do. And chances are you’ve grown tired of dealing with all of the hassles of wooden fences, decks and patio covers – the peeling, warping, fading, splintering, weathering, rusting nails, termite damage, wood rot, etc. When you upgrade to DuraMax you avoid all of this. DuraMax brings you vinyl fencing that won’t pull apart, vinyl decks that won’t splinter and vinyl storage sheds that won’t rust.


A lifetime of nearly maintenance-free enjoyment


DuraMax is the only company that makes vinyl fences, walls, decks, patio covers and outdoor sheds that are specifically designed to withstand the intense heat and UV rays of the Southwest sun, as well as the winter cold of the Southwestern desert. Unlike others, DuraMax products won’t fade, discolor, crack, twist, peel or warp, and they never need to be treated, painted or stained. In fact, a once-a-year washing is all that is needed to keep your DuraMax products looking new indefinitely! 

Best Value


The Purchase that Lasts a Lifetime.


When you install a DuraMax vinyl fence, wall, patio cover, deck or storage solution, the increase in your property value is immediate…and permanent. The improvement in your lifestyle is permanent as well, because DuraMax’s nearly maintenance-free products, “painting the fence” or “sanding the deck” will never be on your weekend “to-do” list. 


Duramax’s superior beauty and selection, maximum durability and minimal maintenance all add up to an unbeatable value. Compared to wood products, which have a lower upfront price tag but require frequent maintenance and periodic replacement, DuraMax’s vinyl products pay for themselves in just a few years. Compared to the cheap imported vinyl products that are widely available at many home improvement stores, there really is no comparison..


DuraMax is the only maker of vinyl building products engineered to withstand the rigors of the Southwest sun. Although they start out looking similar, all vinyl products are not the same. Unlike the imports, our products won’t fade, discolor, warp, twist or fall apart. In fact, they’ll look as good twenty years from now as they do today – guaranteed.* 


* To learn more about DuraMax’s Warranty, click here.