The Barn
The Barn
Side Walls are all supported by steel brackets

Vinyl Barn Garage

If you’re looking for a garage kit that will make a large, durable garage big enough to hold a 4WD truck, SUV or boat, the Barn Garage Kit is the answer. The wall panels of the 13’ x 18’ Barn are made of PVC, with galvanized PVC-sleeved columns. This ensures that once built, your Barn Garage Kit will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade, and will never need painting. Plus, the steel reinforcement delivers outstanding rigidity and strength – enough to handle 35 lbs per square foot of snow!

For ease of assembly, all parts in this garage kit are pre-cut, pre-drilled and clearly numbered. Each Barn Garage Kit features a 114”-wide roll-up door that is wide enough to comfortably drive in a truck or tractor. The attractive siding design and neutral ivory color go well in any setting, and the vinyl construction makes it fire retardant. Includes a side lockable door for added convenience and security. 

  • Wide 114" Front Roll Up Door

  • Tall 82" Drive In height

  • Large 1,893 Cubic Feet of Space

  • Durable Vinyl Walls

Vinyl Barn Garage

  Exterior Dim   Rool Up Door Dim Side Door Dim  
Item # Description Width Depth Height Cu Ft Width Height Width Heigt Weight
02015 13' x 18' Vinyl Barn Garage 157" 220" 117" 2337 114" 82" 29" 72" 1335