StoreAll 8x6
StoreAll 8x6
Model No. 30115
Perfect for Backyard

StoreAll Sheds

The 8’ x 6’ StoreAll is the perfect outside storage shed for families that need some extra storage space. Designed to fit most backyards or patios, these attractive outside storage sheds are fast and easy to assemble. The wall columns are reinforced with solid metal to allow you to easily mount shelves or tools. 

  • Perfect Size for Most Backyards

  • Wide 61" and Tall 71" Double Doors

  • All Weather Durable, Long Lasting, and Maintenance Free Vinyl

  • Never needs painting

  • Won't rust, rot or mildew

  • Strong metal structure tested for 20lbs/sqft snow load

  • 340 Cubic feet Storage Space

  • Foundation Kit (Optional)

  • Integrated Window Included

  • 15 Years Warranty


                                      Exterior Dimensions      Door Dimensions    
Item #    Description    Width    Depth    Height      Width    Height    Cubic Feet

30111    8' x 6'  StoreAll    94.3"    63.1"       86.9"       61.25"     71.4"      238.39 cu ft.

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8x6' StoreAll Shipping Information
Item #    Description                                    Dimensions (in.)          Shipping Weight (lbs)    No. of Boxes

30111    8x6'  StoreAll                              75.6(L) x 39.4(W) x 6.9(H)                  216                         1
30115    8x6’  StoreAll w/ Foundation Kit   75.6(L) x 39.4(W) x 6.9(H)                  255                         2