ECO 6x6
ECO 6x6
Model No. 61861


Traditional, gable-roof styling combines with Duramax design and engineering features to make the New Eco Metal shed tops in economical outdoor storage. The Eco makes it easy to store and organize items, such as lawn and garden equipment.

Frame, wall and roof parts are made from electro-galvanized steel, and all painted parts have a double baked-on enamel paint finish that will keep your building serviceable and attractive for years.

Eco-Metal Shed Features
• Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel for Durable Corrosion Protection
• Gable roof design with 2 Air Vents for Better Air Ventilation
• 20% Thicker Steel than Conventional Sheds
• Reinforced Groove Wall provide Greater Strength
• Ready to Assemble with Precut Holes & Material
• Impervious to Wood Eating Insects
• Foundation Kits available
• Compact Packaging for Ease of Transport
• Available in Three Colors
   - Anthracite (AE)
   - Ivory (IY)
   - Green (GN)


Eco-Metal 6' Wide Metal Shed Series Color Exterior Dimensions .in Surface Area Door Opening .in Weight
Model No. Description Wall/Roof Trim Width Depth Height sq ft Width Height lbs.
61861 Eco Shed 6'x6' Green Off White 79.5 71.75 71.125 26.55 31.875 61  
61868 Eco Shed 6'x6' Green

Off White + door/column

79.5 71.75 71.125 26.55 31.875 61  
61835 Eco Shed 6'x6' Ivory Anthracite 79.5 71.75 71.125 26.55 31.875 61  

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