Ranch Rail Smooth
Ranch Rail Smooth
Three Rail Ranch

Smooth Vinyl Post and Rail

Beautiful, safe and economical, DuraMax’s vinyl ranch rail fencing was designed for and is manufactured in the Southwest. This ranch rail features thick walls that eliminate cracking, sagging and warping, and smooth edges to keep animals from getting splinters, scratches or cuts. Plus, this durable ranch rail requires no maintenance and will never crack, chip, peel, rot, fade or attract termites.

Available in white or beige traditional vinyl, or our special DuraWood vinyl for the look and feel of real wood

  • Thick walls eliminate cracking, sagging, and warping.

  • Smooth edges will keep animals from getting splinter, scratches, or cuts.

  • No cracking, chipping, peeling, rotting, or fading.

  • Unlike wood fencing, our fences give you a lifetime of enjoyment with no worries about rotting, termites, water stains and other wear-and-tear.

  • Available in White, Beige and Durawood.

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