Come to Duramax For Durable Vinyl Fencing in Ventura

Vinyl Fence Company

Do you wish to get a new fencing just as your neighbor did last month? A new fencing means, better security, more beautification and the possibilities increase with the all new vinyl fencing. Yes, those fences that your neighbor installed are so flawless because it’s made of vinyl. If you are looking around for the vinyl fencing leaders in Ventura, Duramax is here for you. We are the leaders in offering custom vinyl fencing for more than a decade now. We are ready with various types of vinyl fencing like picket fences, white fences, private fences, semi private fences, pool fences and more.


Are you thinking whether vinyl fence would be a good option for you and why not wood or metal? You did see and experience enough metal or wood but both these materials have their own limitations. Wood is not at all weather resistant; it can rot and get affected by termites real soon. Again, metal fences are not even for a lifetime, metal can rust and show signs of perishing. But do you know what happens to vinyl fences? Absolutely nothing, because such is the quality and nature of vinyl and this is why vinyl is now the top choice among homeowners. People were looking for a fencing material that needs no maintenance, and they can finally have it now. At Duramax we cater to so many clients everyday who are looking for fencing options, some are looking for fencing for the first time but there are many who are willing to put down other fences and choose only vinyl.

Now here are the qualities of vinyl fencing from Duramax:

Easy To Use

 Vinyl is easier to install and also to use, compared to wooden or metal fences. PVC has lengthy atomic chains and this makes vinyl products extremely long-lasting. This makes vinyl fences easy to install, easy to clean and maintain.


 Vinyl fence linings are much less expensive compared to wooden or FRP fences. When you compare the maintenance costs, vinyl fences do not require any sort of maintenance. When it comes to installation, you can install these fences on your own; this saves you from the labor cost. For instance, when you choose to install wooden fencing, you need to pay more money on resizing, trimming and painting. When it comes to vinyl fencing, you have zero maintenance.


When it comes to durability, vinyl fencing is more durable compared to all other materials. Our fences are not chemically active, the fences do not absorb any water or moisture, thus do not show any signs of decaying. While wood needs painting and repainting, our vinyl fences do not need any painting. Vinyl fences are treated and this is why it’s free from catching mold, fungus and bacteria.


Choose Duramax, we are among the top vinyl fencing suppliers in Ventura. Our fences are available in a variety of colors and attractive designs. We have experts to offer you fences that match your property; we have fences for your garden, for installing around the entire property, swimming pool, garage and more. Our collection of vinyl fences is sure to amaze you and our products come with maximum warranty. Call Duramax for more details; get in touch with our experts.