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Once there was a dog named "Bear". This hybrid dog was an escape artist!

His owners, yes-us! went to great expense & hired numerous fence companies to help us contain our companion. While we would never chain any animal, it seemed hopeless, as no fence could keep him from scaling over or digging under. He could even open a gate latch! After we endured numerous fines, trips to the shelter (they even knew his name), posting of flyers around town, & not to mention the ridicule of friends and family over how much this dog was costing us emotionally and financially!... we finally found the solution and started our own business.... thus was born!

We invested in all of our own equipment and machinery. We now had the ability to custom design and fabricate a fence specifically for us! We were finished spending money on fences that did not work properly to begin with, or fences that just fell apart over time. We were able to take into consideration every scenario that we needed to tackle. We finally had the fence that we needed for our family. A solid privacy fence kept Bear from getting any traction (not even the lazy cats would jump this one!).. However, not to deprive Bear & his companion a view, picket was installed at the bottom. Concrete with welded wire ebedded in it was overpoured to keep him from digging under. A custom "dog proof" gate latch was installed.

He even had solar light caps for those dark nights he loved to lay under the stars.

While we thought Bear would go crazy being confined, he actually felt more secure and seemed proud of "his" new territory. This fence allowed him freedom while we were away, and kept him safe in his final years. (RIP Bear).

At we know you want to keep your pets in and your family safe too. We have solutions for every situation.

As our business and family have grown, we have perfected our ideas & techniques, and we are extremely happy to be able to share them with you. From designing a vinyl corral safe enough for a stud donkey, to portable 'quick assemble' vinyl puppy playpens, vinyl mailbox posts, portable 'quick assemble' vinyl fence for motor-home/RV travelers, to custom arbors, we have seen and designed it all.

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