Understanding the California Proposition 65 Warning

At Duramax we take the safety and health of our employees and our customers very seriously. As a business operating in Southern California, our owners, managers, and employees live and work in the community where we make our products. We have always protected the health of our associates and the environment, not because of any law or award, or recognition, but because it is the right thing to do.

Proposition 65, officially named the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, was passed into law in 1986 by the state of California with the original intent of protecting drinking water sources from chemical contamination. However, since 1986 the scope of the law has grown to include such common substances as Nickel, Wood dust,  PVC, Titanium Dioxide. There are officially over 900 ingredients and chemicals on the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) list of carcinogen or reproductive toxicants. Many of the 900+ chemicals and substances are common ingredients and materials found in a variety of household goods such as lotions, jewelry, lamps, lead crystal glasses, automobiles, and furniture.

The Proposition 65 Warning Label is required by law on all products that may contain any of these ingredients and materials. You will find the Proposition 65 label on such everyday items as balsamic vinegar, boots and shoes, and prepackaged firewood.

Some of the substances found on the Prop 65 list of potentially harmful materials include wood dust, Nickel. PVC, Titanium Dioxide. As there is always a chance of these or other substances listed on Proposition 65 being present in our products, we are forced to include Proposition 65 warnings on all of our products. Under California law, there is a risk of large fines for not warning consumers and therefore, the specified warning label is placed on all products Duramax sells. Further, the exact wording on the label is mandated by California law to read, “This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

While the warning label is only required for items sold to California, Duramax manufactures and stores many items without knowing where these items may be shipped. Many of our larger customers also store products in central warehouses and ship into California. For this reason, it is also important for our dealers to leave these warning labels on when shipping to customers in California. Corporately we have decided to list every product we make with the California Proposition 65 warning regardless of its destination.

All Duramax products are constantly tested for chemical content that could be harmful. All our products meet or exceed every relevant, industry-accepted safety standard including all applicable federal laws and industry standards

Duramax is unaware of any case of any person contracting any form of cancer or reproductive harm of any kind by simply handling or touching our products for their intended use.

California law mandates that consumers need to be made aware of these risks and because of this mandate Duramax has added the Prop 65 warning language to assist consumers in making these informed decisions