Have the best fence in Ventura with the help of Duramax

Have the best fence in Ventura with the help of Duramax

Your home is the place you spend the most time at in your life and also the place you have to look at the most. It makes sense that the look and feel should match your personal tastes. Some people add greenery, some add new windows or repaint the walls, and some want to add fencing. The advantage to fencing versus plants or paint is that not only is the house embellished with a nice design, but security is also added. For a home with things you cherish, security is always a good choice.



However, when it comes to fencing, there are so many choices to select from these days. Durability used to be the only quality that was important. But now, homeowners demand not only durability but aesthetically pleasing fence that is not hard to maintain. Traditional selections such as wood or iron used to be great choices, but as you can see when you drive around neighborhoods, time and wearing does horrible things to the look of a house. Whether it is rotting or rusting, a nice fence that used to complement the look of a house, can quickly turn into an eyesore that brings down the value.


It is time to join the vinyl fence movement. The reason why the best fence in Ventura is vinyl these days is because of the unique combination of advantages vinyl gives. First of all, vinyl is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl fences will never need to be replaced and lasts a lifetime. Since they are water-resistant, chemical resistant, and have smooth surfaces, cleaning is as easy as spraying a water hose at the fence. This won’t be the same for wood, which has a porous surface that is meant for absorbing and trapping in stains or dirt. Same with iron, which can be scratched or painted on by vandals.


However, a question most people as is that is vinyl as durable as wood or iron? The answer is it depends on the company. Vinyl fences can be manufactured to be thin or thick, making it as durable or less! At Duramax, we value the quality of our fences. In fact, Duramax vinyl fences are thicker than industry standard requirement, outperforming competitors. They even pass 105 mph wind tests and are engineered specifically for the heat of the Southwest sun.


And of course, the third and very important characteristic is the aesthetic design of vinyl. Vinyl fences come in a variety of appealing colors, and the best part is that the fence will look new for years and years. What makes Duramax stand out among other vinyl competitors is that their vinyl fencing provides an internal routing system so ugly screws and brackets aren’t visible, giving a smooth flush look. And for lovers of traditional wooden fence, Duragrain is a line of vinyl fences that provide the look and feel of wood but complete ease of low maintenance vinyl.


Your home should be a place that sparks joy and appreciation. Investing in a fence should give you not only durability, but low maintenance and great aesthetic design. Choose Duramax vinyl fencing so every time you see your home, it makes you glad you chose vinyl. Call Duramax today and get the best fence in Ventura.