Reasons to Put Vinyl Fencing around Your Home

best fence in Ventura with the help of Duramax

When it comes to fencing the area around your home, there are plenty of options to consider. You can choose between wood, chain link, iron, and other materials of the sort. But lately, there’s been one leading material for fencing – vinyl. This is the only material that combines four of the things all homeowners look for: durability, aesthetics, easy maintenance, and privacy. 


Since you’ll be putting up a fence around something you own and consider valuable, you definitely shouldn’t take this decision lightly. Seeing how vinyl fences like Duramax are the trend on the market today, here is your chance to hear about its benefits.

Simplified Maintenance

Fences made of vinyl are really easy to clean. Unlike other materials that need scraping and various chemicals to be kept clean and aesthetically pleasing, the Duramax vinyl fences can be cleaned with a simple rinse-off with your hose. Plus, you never need to paint them since they maintain the same fresh appearance for years to come. 

Duramax fences are heat and impact resistant, which minimizes the need for maintenance and replacement. They exceed ASTM F964 standards compared to other materials that simply reach the minimum requirements. In harsh weather conditions, the fences will maintain their original look since they are cracking resistant. 

The best part about it is that our fences won’t rot like wood, wear off, stain, or become the home of termites. All this makes our fencing system the easiest to maintain. In this busy world today, who wants to worry about the fences on a regular basis?

Amazing Strength and Durability

Vinyl is a highly durable material and, when you purchase from a top-notch company like Duramax, you can expect its strength to last you a lifetime. Our vinyl is thicker than that of others, combined with a strong routing system that locks with each member. When it comes to instalment, our fences don’t require any brackets. Not to mention, the screws are unsightly. 

You might not know this, but vinyl as a material, is five time stronger than wood when used on fences. It has some features that you’ll definitely enjoy as a homeowner. It doesn’t rust or decompose, doesn’t absorb moisture, blister, or peel. It’s perfect for fences in any location and any conditions, even if your fence is in a humid area like swimming pool, or near sprinklers. 

Affordability in Every Sense

If you go for vinyl fencing, you can forget about the big costs for instalment and additional materials. In the long run, you can eliminate the cost of constant repairs and difficult maintenance. It is affordable in every sense of the word.

Aesthetics and Flexibility

If you take some time to look through our selection of vinyl fences, you’ll learn that they come in many shapes, colours and sizes. You can choose a fence that provides you with the privacy you need, fits your home’s exterior and your preferences, and serves the purpose you intended it to serve. 

Today we even offer two highly modern options:

  • DuraGrain which gives your fence the rich appearance of grain woods, but eliminates the disadvantages of using real wood
  • Alumax which takes the look of wrought iron fences without any of the maintenance and durability issues that come with using this material, not to mention the high cost 

If you share the interest of many and want to get vinyl fences for your home, call us to get a free sample today.