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The most durable and low maintenance vinyl fencing available.
Patio Covers
Beautiful vinyl patio covers enhance your outdoor living and provides a lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment.
Free Standing Patio Covers
Attached Patio Covers
Storage Solutions
A wide range of durable storage sheds, garages, greenhouses and other storage solutions to meet all your needs
Imperial 12 x 20 Metal Green
Imperial 12 x 20 Metal White
Imperial 12×20 Metal Dark Grey
Imperial 12 x 26 Metal Green
Imperial 12 x 26 Metal White
Imperial 12×26 Metal Dark Grey
Imperial 12 x 32 Metal Green
Imperial 12 x 32 Metal White
Imperial 12×32 Metal Dark Grey
Cushion Metal Box Woodgrain 1.3
Cushion Metal Box Woodgrain 1.7
Cushion Metal Box Woodgrain 1.9
Palladium Cushion Metal Box Small
Palladium Cushion Metal Box Small Large
Metal Garbage/Recycle Bin Enclosure
Woodgrain Garbage/Recycle Bin Enclosure
Flat Roof Insulated Building
Gable Roof Insulated Building
Metal Carport 10×17
Bicycle Store WoodGrain
Hunting Blind 4×4
Vinyl decks with the rich look of wood grains that – unlike wood decks – never need replacement
Wall Panels
It is the perfect alternative to wherever you need a smooth, hygienic, abuse-resistant finish that is easy to clean and maintain
Duramax Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels
Window grids are popular but expensive to make. Now you can have the traditional appearance of divided lites in your Vinyl Window and Door systems at drastically reduced costs!
Pipeline Systems
A wide range of landscape, irrigation and specialty pipes.
Custom Profiles
Our engineering department uses the latest CAD/CAM design and machining technologies to make precision tooling.