The Best Fence in San Diego is Duramax

fence manufacturer in San Diego

Duramax has been growing rapidly as the top fence manufacturer in San Diego. Due to Duramax leveraging its decades of expertise in vinyl and international business network, it has been able to provide the highest quality vinyl fences at the most affordable prices. When looking for a good fence, you should look at these key aspects:

  1. Durability and Strength
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Nice aesthetic look

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Durability and Strength

A good fence should be able to divide the start and end of property lines, and also prevent unwanted intruders. Duramax vinyl fences are thicker than competitors, tested in over 100 mph winds. Their vinyl is engineered for the intense Southwest sun. DuraResin vinyl formulation is designed so that the vinyl fences never yellow.  Duramax has the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl today.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl fences are the easiest to maintain because they never rust, rot, or need repainting. Wood and Iron fences will constantly need not just cleaning but also renovating. Vinyl on the other hand just need a simple water hose to spray clean. No worries about stains, wood chips, or termites.

Nice Aesthetic look

Lets not forget that with vinyl, you can get a fantastic finish on your fence that complements your house. Duramax fences come in white, tan, adobe, and more. The advantage with vinyl is that you don’t need to constantly repaint your fence for it to look nice and new. Duragrain also offers the look and feel of traditional wood without the maintenance. A line of vinyl fences give the traditional pattern of wood with different color options as well. The technological advancement of vinyl has put it as the forefront of fencing options.

Have our experts give you a free consultation and quote today by calling 310-507-9585!