The Characteristics of Vinyl That Makes it Perfect for Your Fencing Needs

The characteristics of vinyl that makes it perfect for your fencing needs

Adding a vinyl fence in San Diego to your home is a great idea, especially if you are looking for an affordable, yet attractive option. Thanks to vinyl’s strength, durability, and longevity, it has emerged to be the material of choice when it comes to fencing. In addition to power, attractiveness, and low maintenance, there are also other characteristics of vinyl that offer a host of benefits. Here we will talk about some of the traits that make vinyl ideal for your fencing needs.


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Eco-friendly and recyclable

Compared to other materials, making vinyl products do not leave a large carbon footprint. As vinyl is made of salts and natural gas, it does not have to go through much processing as iron. Also, if you have to remove your vinyl fencing in San Diego, the entire fence can be recycled, and you do not have to add on to the overburdened landfill. The same cannot be said about wood or iron as they have to be covered in paint or coated in some chemical. As vinyl is natural and a UV inhibitor, it does not need additional coating or chemicals. This is what makes it wholly non-toxic and environment-friendly.


Resistant to fire

Unlike other fencing materials, vinyl can self-extinguish. This means that in case there is a flame, the plastic is going to burn, but the fire will not spread. Moreover, this is one of the most attractive characteristics of vinyl as it offers a safety advantage to homeowners. So, with vinyl fencing, you can host barbeque parties and some fireworks without any fear. You are entirely safe as flames will not spread.


Long lifespan

Vinyl fences last the longest when compared to other materials like wood and iron. On top of this, Duramax vinyl fences come with a warranty of a lifetime. Vinyl can withstand any impact, and they do not require much maintenance and upkeep. Vinyl fencing has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times more flexible. So, if you are living in areas where there are a lot of high winds or storms, vinyl fencing is your best option. In addition to that, vinyl fencing does not come with the issues of rusting, rotting, or pests. To put it, with vinyl fences, the idea of no-maintenance becomes a reality.



Vinyl has attractive properties that make it the perfect choice for your fencing needs. It has low maintenance, durable and also available in various colors and styles. Vinyl is also an environmentally safe option than other fencing materials. Being a fence company in San Diego, we can even customize a vinyl fence to suit your specific requirements.

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