Vinyl fences – Reasons that Make Them the Best!

vinyl fence in Denver

The option of using a vinyl fence in Denver is fast becoming a popular choice when compared to the conventional wooden fence. Wooden fences are fraught with problems, which includes high maintenance and weathering off, requiring frequent painting, polishing, repair and replacement, and not to mention the termite raids that wreak havoc. On the other hand, vinyl fencing offers several benefits and is considered to be the best solution to one’s fencing needs. We have discussed eight reasons that make vinyl fencing the best below.

Very low maintenance

Vinyl does not require high maintenance. You don’t even have to paint your fence to keep it protected. Also, you can forget about deterring termites and pests.

Easy to clean

There is no need to scrub hard when it is time to clean your vinyl fence. You can clean vinyl using soap and water. You don’t need professionals or any particular chemical.

Highly durable

Vinyl is highly durable and offers protection against UV-rays. Vinyl is made with 10 parts per 100 of titanium oxide, it acts as a UV inhibitor, and you needn’t worry about your fence turning yellow. Also, vinyl’s tensile strength is five times that of wood, and therefore, vinyl fencing works like a charm in areas with storms, heavy winds, or rough weather.

No rust, no rot

With our vinyl custom fence in Denver, you do not have to worry about rotting or rusting. Vinyl fences do not rot in their post holes as wooden fence do, and they also do not rust like chain link or wrought iron posts.

Simple installation

It is not difficult to install vinyl fences. Once the holes for the posts are dug, the posts are put inside the holes, and the rails are inserted in the fence. In case you want a fence with panels, even that isn’t very difficult to install. The vinyl panels come pre-made, and therefore, they only have to be snapped together for the completion of your fence installation.


Vinyl is entirely recyclable, which means that you do not need to send anything to the already overfilled landfills. The entire vinyl fence can be recycled in case you need to replace your fence.

Aesthetically appealing

Vinyl comes in multiple styles, and it can be even made to mimic wood. Plastic can also be curved or formed in various other attractive shapes. So, you can get a customized vinyl fence that matches the integrity and aesthetics of your overall property.

Comes with a long warranty

Vinyl fencing comes with an extended warranty due to its longevity, strength, and flexibility. If you consider installing a vinyl fence, you can look forward to enjoying the durability, strength, and beauty of vinyl fencing for a lifetime or until you want to replace the fence.

To learn more about vinyl fences and its benefits, get in touch with our fence contractors in Denver.