Why You Should Choose a Vinyl Patio Cover

Investing in vinyl patio covers makes an outdoor space fun and comfortable, and can really pay off in the long run. A vinyl patio cover turns any outdoor area into an inviting place for large gatherings, parties, and even just relaxing alone. Here are a few reasons why we believe vinyl patio covers in San Diego can improve your patio and change how you use it.

Color Options

Vinyl patio covers come in a plethora of colors—almost any color you can possibly imagine. With such a wide variety of vinyl cover color options, you can instantly change the mood or feel of your patio space from ordinary to exciting.If you like a bright, classic look, a white vinyl cover will give you that sophisticated feeling. Or evoke a darker, more intimate and romantic atmosphere with a black or tan patio cover. No matter what style or ambience you want to create, you’ll find a vinyl patio cover in a color that will fit your favorite moods.


What kind of a cover are you looking for? A lot depends on how much you love the sun in sunny San Diego. Latticed vinyl patio covers are stylish and allow the sun to wash your patio in streaks of soothing sunlight while helping keep down the intense heat. If you’d rather hide form the sun entirely, a solid vinyl patio cover may be more to your liking. A solid cover also keeps out rain so you can enjoy your patio in all weather conditions. If you want the best of both covers, consider a louvered vinyl patio cover. This lattice-style cover allows for the slats to be opened or closed much like Venetian blinds, letting you control the amount of sun you receive. Your vinyl patio cover can also be custom-sized to fit the specific dimensions of your patio space.

Maintenance Free

One of the greatest features about vinyl patio covers is that they require virtually no maintenance. Other outdoor cover materials tend to fade, crack, warp, rust, rot, or even attract termites. Vinyl isn’t susceptible to any of these problems, and it never needs to be repainted. In additional, vinyl keeps its cool under the hot sun so you, your family, and your friends can spend more hours enjoying your patio in comfort.Vinyl is extremely durable and can withstand the test of the elements over many years. You’ll find that these attributes help make vinyl a wise investment as well as an attractive one.


Vinyl patio covers come with the option of adding many features that you’re sure to love. Among the most popular features are corbel ends, which give your vinyl patio cover an elegant, timeless appearance. Many vinyl patio cover styles include electric lighting. This efficient option saves you money on having electrical lighting installed on your vinyl patio cover at a later date. And you can raise your outdoor comfort level by adding a ceiling fan to your vinyl patio cover. The added touch of a fan makes your patio a more comfortable place for entertaining or relaxing, and the ease of enjoying lights at the flick of a switch means your gatherings can last well into the night.

Vinyl patio covers are colorful, stylish, versatile, and are sure to give you years of pleasure while you use your patio space and enjoy the lovely climate in San Diego. With a wide selection of designs and colors, not to mention the added options and custom sizing, vinyl patio covers are a smart investment for both you and your home.