SunStop Pipes
SunStop Pipes

SUNSTOP Irrigation Pipes

Our PVC-UVR pipe compounds coded HARWAL PRE is the most technologically advanced in the world.  It was developed by technical engineers both in the U.S. and abroad to satisfy the growing need for higher quality, above ground irrigation pipe.  This pipe is brown in color manufactured to carry portable water. After several years of field testing in the world's hottest deserts, this pipe is unique in its properties.

Listed by the national Sanitary Foundation (NSF) SUNSTOP PVC UVR Plastic Pipe has gone through stringent test by Gas and Mechanical Laboratories in Los Angeles to meet the listing requirements of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

  • Cell classification 12454-B, according to ASTM-D 1784 Type 1 Grade 1
  • ASTM-D 1785 for Plain End Pipe
  • ASTM-D 2672 for Solvent Weld End Pipe
  • Standard 20' Lengths
  • Diameters from 1/2" to 6"


Cell Class Illustration                                                   Class I.D.

Polyvinyl Chloride                                                           1

Homopolmer Impact Strength (IZOD).065 Ft.Lbs.In.       2

Tensile Strength 7,000 PSI                                             4

Modulus of Elasticity in Tension 400,000 PSI                  5

Deflection Temp. under Load 158° F                              4

Chemical Resistance                                                       B

A.             H2SO4 (93%) 14 day

                Immersion @ 55 ± 2° C

                Change of Weight:

                Increase Max - 5.0%

                Decrease Max 0.1%

B.             Change in Flexural Yield Strength:

                Increase Max 5.0%

                Decrease Max 25.0%

C.            ASTM Oil # 3-30 Day Immersion at 23° C

                Change in Weight:

                Increase Max 1.0%

                Decrease Max 1.0%




Recommended Practice of Making Solvent Cemented Joints

To consistently make good joints the following should be clearly understood and adhered to:

  • The joining surfaces must be softened (dissolved) and made semi-fluid.
  • Sufficient cement must be applied to fill the gap between pipe and fitting.
  • Assembly of pipe and fitting must be made while the surfaces are still wet and fluid.
  • Joint strength develops as the cement dries. In the tight part of the joint the surfaces will tend to fuse together; in the loose part the cement will bond to bother surfaces.
  • Penetration and dissolving can be achieved by the cement itself. We recommend both primer and cement. This will dissolve the plastic more quickly than cement alone, resulting in better fusion. In cold weather additional application of primer is required to adequately soften the surfaces to be bonded.

Excessive run-off of primer and glue on the outside or inside of adjoining the bell can cause weakening of the burst strength of the pipe. Care must be taken to assure this does not occur.

Only a sufficient amount primer to soften the adjoining surfaces will be used. Sufficient cement to fill the loose part of the joint must be applied.  Besides filling  the gap, adequate cement layers will penetrate the surfaces and also remain wet until joint is assembled.

  • If the primer and cement coatings on the pipe and fitting are wet and fluid when assembly takes place,  they will tend to flow together and become one cement layer. Also, if the cement is wet the surfaces beneath them will still be soft, and these dissolved surfaces in the tight part of the joint will tend to fuse together.
  • As the solvent dissipates, the cement layer and the dissolved surfaces will harden with a corresponding increase in joint strength.
  • A good joint will take the required working pressure long before the joint is fully dry. and final strength is obtained. In the tight (fused) part of the joint, strength will develop more quickly than in the looser (bonded) part of the joint. Completed joints should not be disturbed until they have cured sufficiently to withstand handing. Joint strength develops as the cement dries.


SUNSTOP PVC-UVR PIPE is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship and to meet and perform to the specifications and standards imprinted on the product for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. If PVC-UVR Pipe proves inadequate due to manufacturing defects in material or workmanship during the warranty period, U.S POLYMERS, INC. will provide new replacement units of the same type and size at no cost. No remedy will be granted under this warranty if the PVC-UVR Pipe is not used and/or installed in accordance with ASTM-2855 and accepted industry standards with respect to use of recommended primer, solvent cement and proper joining methods, and installed in accordance with all Federal, State and Local codes or laws governing the installation of such product. This warranty does not extend to claims arising from the use of the products as conduit for the transport or storage of compressed air or other compressed gases, or other uses not recommended by the PVC industry or misuse or improper handing and/or installation of the product, nor does it extend to any losses except the replacement of the defective units. In all events  this warranty extends to material only, and U.S. POLYMERS, INC. shall not be liable for any installation labor of defective or replacement material.

Proof of purchase with the date thereof must be presented to satisfaction of U.S. POLYMERS, INC. with any claim made pursuant to this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other implied and expressed warranties, which are merged into it and expire at the end of this warranty period. All claims must be processed through the claimant's seller, and no replacement will be allowed by U.S. POLYMERS, INC. unless the reported defect has been inspected and approved for replacement by either U.S. POLYMERS, INC., its authorized agent, or its representative.