About Us

Enhancing Yards Since 1983

While some people may view vinyl storage sheds, fences, patio covers and decks as relatively boring, utilitarian products, at DuraMax we take a different view. Sure, our products are incredibly durable and well-made. Yes, they’re environmentally friendly, virtually maintenance free and designed to last a lifetime. No, they’ll never fade, discolor, chip, crack, peel, warp, rot, rust or get infested with termites. But, beyond all of these “practical” issues is the “emotional” side of our products: the fabulous way you feel when you look out into your yard and see how beautiful your DuraMax products make it look.

A big focus on design

Installing a vinyl privacy fence, outdoor storage shed, new deck or other DuraMax product is one of the easiest ways possible to upgrade your yard. We offer a big variety of choices and pay attention to the details, because we know that our products will become attractive design elements in your landscaping. If you want to beautify your property and turn your yard into a living space, DuraMax’s vinyl building products are the perfect starting point.

A well-established company

DuraMax is a division of US Polymers, Inc., a leading California extruder of poly vinyl products including fencing, sheds, pipes, shutters and decks. Our products are available through a nationwide network of qualified dealers and retail stores. US Polymers is part of the Harwal Group, an international group of manufacturing firms.

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Green Initiative

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
DuraMax helps you beautify your environment without sacrificing the environment. All of our vinyl products – including vinyl fences and walls, vinyl patio covers, vinyl decks and vinyl storage sheds – are extremely green solutions.
The U.S. Green Building Council found that poly vinyl performs better relative to environmental impact than any of the alternative materials studied. DuraMax products are eco-friendly because they are:
Durable – Unlike wood and metal products which require periodic replacement, DuraMax products will last a lifetime.
Maintenance-Free – You won’t need to use environmentally-harmful cleaning products, paints or stains to keep them looking good.
100% Recyclable – So they never need to end up in a landfill. In fact, we recycle over a million pounds of poly vinyl every year!
Free of Paint, Formaldehyde, Lead & VOCs – Which means they don’t put harmful emissions, out-gassing or solid wastes into the environment.
Fire Resistant – And certified by the California Fire Marshall.
Made in the USA – All our Vinyl Fences, Wall Panels and Patio Covers are proudly made in Los Angeles.
For the best in green solutions, count on DuraMax!

Quality Management

Quality Building Products from a Socially Responsible Company.
When you choose DuraMax you’re choosing building products that are made in the USA by a company that’s dedicated to quality, value and social responsibility.
At DuraMax our research and development efforts keep us at the leading edge, with eco-friendly and maintenance-free products that are 100% recyclable. In fact, we recycle over a million pounds of our polyvinyl material every year! And by constructing these long-lasting building products out of polyvinyl instead of wood, we avoid all of the environmental problems associated with paint, lead, sealants and VOCs.
We’re proud to manufacture our vinyl fencing, walls, patio covers and all custom extrusion products in Southern California, creating employment and opportunities here in the USA. Of course, our manufacturing facility adheres to ISO9001 principals and meets all ASTM standards, ensuring reliable high-quality products for you.