Why choose DuraMax for your fence, railing, deck, or patio cover product needs?

When DuraMax first entered the exterior vinyl building products market, we saw a huge deficiency in how consumers were being serviced in the western US. The only exterior vinyl building products available to the residents of the western US had to be shipped in from the mid-west and east-coast where all other building product extruders are located. These extruders had to ship their products great distances in order to serve the market in the west. Their fence dealers and fabricators faced shipping and inventory problems and, therefore, higher operating costs and longer lead times, which were transferred to consumers.
In addition to unnecessary shipping cost being charged to consumers, extensive research showed that the vinyl formulation used for the mid-west and the east coast was not the most effective formulation for the southwestern states. Here’s why: there are three standard test climates representing the extremes encountered in the continental United States:
1. Hot and dry, average 300 days of sun per year.
2. Hot and moist with exposure to salty air.
3. Temperature extremes, from fairly hot and moist in summer to below zero and moist in winter.
The Southwestern states receive significantly more sunlight than any other region. UV rays from the sun are the main cause of yellowing in vinyl.

DuraMax Is The Most Durable Vinyl Fence Money Can Buy

DuraMax was designed for and is manufactured in the Southwest. We’ve been manufacturing vinyl products in the Southwest since 1983 and have perfected our vinyl products to meet the demanding weather conditions of the region. Here’s how: Proprietary DuraResin Material Our proprietary DuraResin vinyl is designed for the hot Southwestern sun and has been used in many of our outdoor products since 1987. DuraResin contains over 12 parts per hundred titanium dioxide (an effective sunscreen) and highly perfected UV inhibitors and modifiers, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality vinyl designed to give you a permanent and durable solution for all your fencing needs. “Route and Lock” Construction All DuraMax vinyl fencing is built by routing and interlocking the different parts together. Routed and interlocked members will never pull apart or fail. When you buy DuraMax, you truly get a maintenance-free fence. No Nails, Visible Screws or Glues Screws and nails corrode and rip out. Glues that are used to hold fencing members together dry and crack after years in the sun. We never use these non-durable materials. With our “Route and Lock” construction you can be sure your beautiful investment will last forever. We Don’t Mix Regrind In Our Materials We only use the highest quality virgin vinyl materials in our residential fencing…never any regrinds or runoffs from other vinyl products. That’s how we guarantee a durable fence that won’t warp, bow, crack or deteriorate for the life of your fence. Thick Walls For Strength And Durability The walls of all DuraMax vinyl fence materials are thick for strength and durability. Thicker walled materials eliminate problems like cracking, sagging and warping over the life of the product and guarantee a truly maintenance-free fence.
Additionally, our vinyl is co-extruded to maximize strength and durability. As you will see from the diagram below, our vinyl is actually comprised of 2 “layers”. The top surface layer (cap stock) is specially formulated with the best UV resistance properties to resist yellowing. And the inner layer (substrate) is built for high rigidity, which means that our vinyl is the strongest available and will not warp.
In case you are wondering, “Is co-extrusion really necessary? Why can’t there just be one layer?” One single layer cannot have both the UV Protection needed against the intense Southwestern sun, along with maximum strength and rigidity. The chemical composition to achieve those 2 results are different.