Inspiration Gallery

Here at Duramax, we love looking at the many different fences, storage solutions, duraDECK, and wall and ceiling systems that we’ve installed over the years. Because we know there’s nothing that sparks more inspiration than photos of beautiful construction, we have combined all the photos of our finished products to help our customers determine what will work best for their homes or backyard. If you are looking for something specific, be sure to look through each collection of our inspiration gallery, including our fencing gallery, our storage solutions, our duraDECK solutions, and our wall and ceiling systems solutions. Here are just a few of our favorite solutions for backyards and homes.

Decks Wall Panels Fencing Storage Solutions


We have created many types of fencing solutions for our customers, including traditional picket fences and railing as well as privacy fencing. Though we know that fencing is sometimes used simply for aesthetic appeal, there are other great uses for fencing, including fencing off a pool for safety, fencing a backyard to keep dogs in and other animals out, as well as using fencing for privacy reasons. Feel free to look through the selections that we have to see the options we can create for your home and backyard.