There’s virtually no limit to the number of chores - indoors and out - that would be much easier with a bit more height. For all the tasks that fall between tiptoe height and need a ladder, this plastic rattan indoor/outdoor step stool is there to save the day. Standing at a comfortable 28 cm in height, it’s the modest boost you need to comfortably reach high shelves, a low roofline, and more in your home and garden - all without needing to break out a large, difficult-to-manage ladder.

Safe and Sturdy: Made of thick, durable waterproof plastic resin, the attractive basket weave texture of this outdoor step stool won’t unravel or fray the way natural rattan or wicker would. The squared shape evenly distributes the weight - up to 320 Lbs - to eliminate wobbling and unsteadiness when a user stands on the flat top.

Stands Up to Weather: Made of non-porous hard plastic resin, water simply glides off the surface of the stool, rather than becoming absorbed and causing material weaknesses. The basket-like woven texture promotes excellent airflow, preventing mold and mildew from forming underneath the stool when stored or left unused for a long period of time. The UV-resistant material also wards off-color fading, peeling, and cracking, keeping it looking new for years to come.

Versatile and Helpful: In addition to offering a leg up whenever and wherever it’s needed, this 11” step stool can also easily be used as a low stool, a convenient place to set a tray, or even flipped over to reveal a 28 cm tall x 30 cm deep interior. The stool can then be used as a basket to carry garden planting supplies, yard waste like sticks and leaves, and more: the open construction even allows you to rinse off anything stored in the interior with the hose, allowing the water to drain off through the openings. Two built-in slot handles just below the stool top make moving and positioning the stool both easy and effortless.

Perfect for Patios:Used along with outdoor furniture, this convenient outdoor stool makes an excellent impromptu ottoman or side table for a low chair. The minimal height ensures it won’t take up much of your entertaining area, and it can be flipped upside-down into a basket to gather up outdoor accessories like small throws, citronella candles, or pillows when packing up your patio items for the season.


  • Constructed with premium quality rattan plastic for sturdiness and long lifespan
  • Used for sitting and reaching out-of-reach heights in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and outdoors
  • Product Dimensions: L 11.8 In.x W 11.8 In. x H 11 In.
  • Maximum static weight load capacity of 320 Lbs
  • Rattan, wicker design
  • Stackable to optimize storage efficiency
  • Well-constructed base ensures sturdiness



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