The Robotic Lawn Mower Garage is a durable and high quality storage solution for your robot lawn mower which is available with open or closed back side. The battery charging station of the robot lawn mower benefits from a wind and weatherproof housing. This garage provides a suitable shelter for your robot lawn mower from elements such as wind, rain and UV rays. It is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel and thick steel panels which makes the garage be weatherproof and it features reinforced groove walls for greater strength. Storing and retrieving your robot lawn mower is made easier by the full 23”-width opening on either both sides or one side of the garage. This makes it easier for the robot to move into the garage and recharge its battery. Depending on the nature of a garden and the homeowner ideas, this garage can be placed anywhere. The Duramax Robotic Lawn Mower Garage is designed to last for a lifetime and be virtually maintenance free and it is a great addition to any garden.


  • Closed Back Robotic Lawn Mower Garage
  • Protects Robot Lawn Mowers & Battery Charging Stations from Unfavourable Weather Conditions
  • Can be placed anywhere in the garden
  • Fully Width Entrance for Easy Access
  • Can Accommodate Small and Medium Size of Robot Lawn Mowers
  • Ready to Assemble with Pre-Cut holes and Materials
  • The Robot Lawn Mower Moves Easily into the garage to recharge its batteries
  • Compact Packing for Ease of Transport
  • Can be anchored to ground with stakes



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