5 Best Tips for Anyone Interested in Buying a Storage Shed

No More Storage Space?

A storage shed might be useful when the garage and attic is starting to fill up and you don’t know where else to put your things. When thinking about buying a storage shed, it is important to map out your backyard to see what are the size options you have available. Keep in mind that the pathway to your backyard is just as important as placement. Fortunately sheds come in all types of sizes and shapes so they can accommodate anyone’s backyard.

Zoning Regulations?

The first step in your preparation process is to see if you have permission for an outdoor shed. Some regulations have specific restrictions on what you can put in your backyard or colors you can have. Check in with your local zoning ordinance to see what you’re working with.


What is overhead?

Checking your backyard access space is the first step. Another detail to notice is if there is any overhead around your property that may obstruct the shed’s delivery. Checking for low tree branches, power lines, or buildings that might block the access of a shed is important. Give an additional 5 feet of height for the trailer that elevates the shed.

Utility lines underground?

Before setting the placement area for your shed, keep note if there are any utility lines under the shed’s planned area. Once installed, it may be a nuisance if a utility line has to be repaired and your shed is obstructing it. You can contact the utility company or city hall to find utility easements.

What is the climate in my yard?

Humidity may be a threat to your shed if placed in an area that is too damp. Finding the right type of ventilation or climate that prevents mold from forming is a good idea. Think about how your yard is during dry season and wet season. Your shed’s foundation should not be where water builds up.

Overall installing a storage shed can be a tough job, but with the right planning, it can go smoothly. Location is everything, but once installed a storage shed needs very low maintenance. Start to declutter today without having to throw out cherished items.