A Contractor’s Perfect Fencing Choice: Picking Vinyl over Wood

Have the best fence in Ventura with the help of Duramax

Fencing comes with various options. As a contractor, you’re expected to find the best option for your client. When you’re hired and paid to install a fence, the client requires a material with many virtues and qualities, one that won’t disappoint them or cause them extra expenses. 

Right now, vinyl is on the top of the lists of best fencing options. Out of the many other options available, wood is its toughest competitor. It has a long history of being used in fences and many people are still in love with its appearance. 


Seeing how now you can easily install our highly durable and advantageous vinyl materials into a fence that even looks like wood, what keeps you from making this decision?

If you’re still having your doubts, let’s make a short comparison of the two.

Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing

In the 1980s, manufacturers came up with a new, innovative creation for fencing and other building purposes – vinyl. Ever since, vinyl has been the favoured material for building among both contractors and clients. 


Because compared to wood, vinyl fencing lasts longer, requires no maintenance, and won’t be destroyed beyond repair before you know it! You can forget about the fungus, dry rot, termites, and even the fire with vinyl fencing. Here is a more detailed list of ways that vinyl beats wood:


When you weigh the pros of vinyl and wood in terms of durability, the first will win every time. Vinyl can withstand harsh and turbulent weather conditions, has a much longer lifespan, and won’t decay or become the home of fungus and bacteria. It’s a win in every possible way when it comes to durability.


Yes, vinyl may cost your client a bit more than wood at first, but if you calculate all the costs for instalment, maintenance, and most importantly – constant replacements, vinyl wins once again. Thanks to the durability of this material, it won’t have to be reinstalled and replaced as often as wood. You should expect no angry customers and call-backs if you pick vinyl, while wood will have regular issues and definitely lead to more frequent replacements.


Very few people have the time or the means to repaint and repair the wooden fences regularly. They’ll be angry when the wood starts peeling after a short time, or even starts rotting. Wood is a material that’s hard to clean and requires quite the work to make it look presentable. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires only a hose and some water that will clean the built up dirt, but nothing more. No matter how long and what weather conditions affect it, it will remain clean and presentable for years to come.

The Bottom Line

When you compare wood and vinyl, the results are quite obvious – vinyl is the winner by a landslide. Our DuraResin formulation allows for high durability and low maintenance, which are two perfect solutions for your clients. So, without worries about call-backs or complaints, pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation today. We’ll toss in a free sample to show you our quality, too!