Guide to Partnering with Homeowners Associations

Vinyl Fence Company

A difficult but rewarding relationship to manifest is working with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Keeping the main stakeholders, property owners, in mind, HOAs have stringent guidelines that all fencing must fall under. There are big risks that can occur if fences are not properly planned including the blocking of wanted views or the mismatching of a community architecture. Any of these issues can affect the value of the house and upset the property owners.

To develop a smooth relationship with the HOAs, we need to find out the main points that they value. Budget is the highest priority when it comes to HOAs when deciding on fencing. HOAs want to ensure that they are receiving the highest amount of value for their expenses. When it comes to value, the determining factors would be price, upkeep, aesthetics, and installation.


One of the main contributing factors of cost is the pricing that you can offer to the HOA. Being responsible for the stakeholders’ money, the members of the HOA are very careful on what they spend it on. The HOA will be comparing multiple prices amongst competitors in the area and select the best quotes. And even when a good quote is selected, the stakeholders ultimately make the decision.


After the initial costs are determined, the HOA wants to ensure all future costs are accounted for. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs fall under this category. If they are looking at different types of fences, they will be comparing the differences in upkeep costs.


After determining if your fencing is durable and easy to maintain, the HOA looks for a fence that complements the architecture of the surrounding properties. Having an aesthetically pleasing fence design can help any resistance to change by homeowners. Also choosing the right design may increase property value as well.


Easy installation is always a good selling point when it comes to fencing. Homeowners do not want difficult installations that may end up causing more headaches than necessary. A well detailed plan that is easy to follow will not only save in labor costs but also make the change easier.

The best way to develop a relationship with an HOA is to attend their meetings and meet with the board. Introducing yourself and putting a face to the name can bring you far when the HOA is comparing different fence suppliers. Always be ready to introduce anyone to your business with visuals, cards, and a great pitch on why you are the best company for them.