Guide to Vinyl Fences

Duramax Building Products

If you are thinking of adding a vinyl fence to your home, there are a few characteristics that you should be aware of. Vinyl is one of the best choices of material you can pick for your fence. Besides the strength, look, and low maintenance, there are a lot of additional benefits that come with picking vinyl. Here we will talk about the top advantages of having a vinyl fence on your property.

Longest Lifespan – Vinyl fences can last longer than most other materials such as iron and wood. Duramax vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty on top of this. Vinyl can withstand impact and not require much upkeep giving it great durability. On top of that, there is no worry about pest, rusting, or harsh climates.

Environmentally friendly – Making vinyl products actually leave a smaller carbon footprint than other materials. Being made of natural gas and salts, vinyl does not have to go through as much processing as iron. And if vinyl fences ever needed to be removed, they are completely recyclable unlike iron or wood that have been coated with paint. Being natural, vinyl does not need additional chemicals or coating like other plastics. This makes it non-toxic.

Fire resistant – Lastly, as a safety advantage, vinyl can self extinguish. What this means is that if touched with a flame, the vinyl can burn but will not spread. As you can imagine, it’s a different story with wood. Having some fireworks or barbeques around vinyl fencing is safe. So give us call today and get a quote on a vinyl fence for your home!

Overall, vinyl has properties that are perfect for a nice aesthetic but durable fence. It’s low maintenance properties give the owner an easier time. Also it is environmentally safer to use than other materials. Call Duramax Building Products today for the best pricing straight from the manufacturer!