Hannah chose to install a white vinyl fence around her house immediately she came to know about the outstanding features of Duramax fences

Custom vinyl fencing

Hannah contacted Duramax fence because she wanted to install a white vinyl fence around her property. We assured her that our fences are of premium quality and are engineered to endure the Southwest Sun. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation and this ensures that our fences can withstand the heat. Hannah was very worried about the durability but we assured her that our fences are made of thicker vinyl, made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. These fences have the highest UV stability and can endure all weather conditions.


When she ordered white vinyl fences, she also thought whether the fences would turn yellow after a few months. This could be your question also if you are investing in our white vinyl fence in Los Angeles. The answer is that our white color fences will remain white even with the passage of time. Yes, cleaning is important but there is no daily maintenance routine. The fences are easy to clean and you can rinse off with a hose.

Hannah was also interested in having a consultation with us; she wanted to know more about a vinyl fence. So, if you are interested too, we can tell you that our fences are impact resistant, fire resistant, and heat resistant and also do not crack in cold weather. The products exceed the ASTM F964 standards which is a lot when compared to the rest of the fencing industry.

 Hannah does not like wooden fences but incase you have a fetish for wooden fences, you should know that we have vinyl fences that look similar to wood, have the same kind of rustic appeal but are not prone to termites, rotting, stains, wearing and tearing etc. She was happy to get durable fences; she thanked us that the fences are pretty thick and sturdy. If you want to know the reason, the routing system is very strong and locks properly with each other. One good thing is that our fences do not require any repainting, this saves expenses and labor.

Hannah chose white vinyl fence for her property surrounding and that was not all, she chose to install colored pool fences from Duramax. If you also have the same kind of plan, you must know that our fences are available in a variety of colors and offer traditional beauty. The fences are made to offer carefree performance.


Adding some more to the list, the fences have exclusive features that our customers love. The fences are 105 mph wind tested and are free from lead and this makes vinyl fence free from toxins. Our fences are made in the USA and are recyclable. Now like Hannah if you order any of the products, you get a lifetime limited warranty. You can choose to have a consultation with our experts if you are in a fix which fenced to choose and the purpose. Call Duramax fence and order now. We have the new website now and you can browse through all the products and order conveniently.