Hayden installed white vinyl fence in Ventura and now her property and the surrounding looks so classy

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Hayden has a beautiful house and a lovely garden, she has a pet inside and now she wishes to install a new fence. Yes, a new fence because the old wooden fence has already become so old, it rotted and now the fences are of no use and it’s bringing down the look and feel of the house. So she contacted Duramax fences and we welcomed her to our store where we have various types of fences. Now that we have a new website showcasing an array of fences, she was spoilt for choices. She visited us accompanied by her husband for a consultation so that we helped her in choosing the right kind of vinyl fence.


Now that Hayden loves lighter shades and some soberness, we could not help but suggest a white vinyl fence. White fences look so fashionable and have an appeal of their own. Now that she feared about the fences losing its whiteness, we confirmed that the white would remain white because its vinyl and no other material. Yes, if you have a fetish for white fences, you should know that these fences are not prone to becoming yellow so they look as good as new even after years of installation.

She was quite bothered about the scorching Southwest Sun ruining the wooden fences she had. But Duramax vinyl fences are manufactured for the hot Southwest Sun implementing the Duraresin formulation. The fence has the highest UV stability, it’s made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. This is also the reason why our fences can stand against all weather conditions.

Hayden was on the lookout for a low maintenance fence and she felt relieved when she heard that a vinyl fence needs no regular maintenance and is very easy to clean. If you feel like washing, you can simply rinse off with a hose and your fences would shine again. The fences are resistant from impact, heat, fire and extreme cold weather conditions. There are other fencing materials that crack in cold temperatures but vinyl does not. The fences are thicker compared to other vinyl and also non-vinyl fences. The routing system is really strong and locks efficiently. The best part is that vinyl does not need repainting, they are long-lasting and look as good as new even after years of installation.

Since Hayden loves lighter shades, she picked white vinyl fence in Ventura but the products are available in various color shades offering beauty and a lifetime performance. Hayden is very careful about the quality, she is ready to spend money but wishes to avoid recurring expenditure so according to her quality is not compromised. Duramax promises high quality and tested vinyl fences which even goes beyond the ASTM F964 standards.


The fences are 105 mph wind tested to assure durability and it’s free from lead because we care for your health and the environment. The fences are made in the USA, can be recycled and Hayden after installing got a lifetime warranty.

She contacted reputed installed and her white vinyl fence is already installed, she sent us pictures, it looks so classy and amazing.