How do You Help Your Fence Sales Team Improve Their Close Rate?

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Although high-quality fencing and affordable pricing is crucial to the success of your fencing business, it doesn’t matter if your customers don’t see that. The people in charge of spreading your message if your sales team. There are many times where customers walk in already set to buy an item but end up leaving frustrated instead. On the other hand, there are times where customers who were reluctant to buy anything, end up changing their minds. These situations happen all from having an effective or ineffective sales team.

Effective sales representatives are knowledgeable and done their homework beforehand so they are prepared to answer any questions that customers have. They are able to anticipate some of the common questions and objections and prepare answers for each scenario. Whether you are looking to expand your team or boost morale, here are the top tips to increase your sales.

Product Knowledge

As stated above, the sales representative should be the most knowledgeable about the product they are selling. Studying the product beforehand and developing answers to common questions is the foundation of good sales. Listening to the customer’s needs is key but knowing main benefits of how a product can solve problems makes the difference in closing.

Help your sales team by having daily meetings to update them on key changes and information about the product. Supply them with the tools they need such as brochures, profiles, samples, business cards, and other informational supplies.

Listening more than Speaking

When it comes to building relationships with customers, most of the rapport comes from listening to the customer and their needs. A lot of sales representatives assume they need to talk about themselves to charm the customer. This technique is a hit or miss. Being customer-centric is always a good thing. In order to ask the crucial questions needed to close deals, the sales representative has to first listen.

You can train your sales team to listen to information that would allow a product or service that the business is offering to be helpful. Listening to the customer can discover what is holding them back, giving an opportunity to penetrate any roadblocks.

Act with Utmost Professionalism 

Since your sales representatives are the face of the company, their actions represent the rest of the team. First impressions can make or break the deal, the best way to keep appearances healthy is through practice. Keeping high standards of etiquette and professionalism throughout the company will transfer to the interactions with customers. Clean uniforms, polite behavior, and positive attitudes are the backbone of great businesses. Even if leads don’t become customers today, they can always come back or recommend your business depending on how they were treated.

Standardize the Sales Process

Sometimes it helps to outline key steps in the sales process to open up more opportunities for your business’s products and services. Create a checklist for your sales team to follow when talking to customers. Key questions that can bring the conversation further or categorize each customer are extremely helpful. Some questions are:

What is the timeline of your project?

Do you have any specific needs that our products don’t offer?

What are some problems that we can assist you with?

How big is the project?

Who are the decision makers?

Stay Optimistic and Positive

All success begins with the mind. Having a positive mindset is a sales representative’s best tool. Customers can sense the energy and attitude of a sales representative. Hesitation, doubt, or negativity can break a deal. Sometimes it just takes a shift in outlook to flip the switch. Studying enough about the product and believing its benefits can be a great help to being confident that the sales team is helping customers find the very best solutions.

In conclusion, the best fence businesses have a great team, and that all starts with management spreading great culture among the organization. Help your message translate clearer by getting your sales team on board with your standards and double your close rate!