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Vinyl Picket Fence

There are important points that make Duramax Fence stand out amongst the competition. As a Duramax Fence dealer, you have a superior product that simply needs to be communicated to the homeowner to increase sales.


Many homeowners that are unaware of how vinyl fences are extruded may only see price. It is your responsibility to explain why quality ingredients are needed to make a quality fence that lasts a lifetime.

Here are important points to differentiate Duramax with other fences:

1. Specially Engineered for the Southwest Sun

Unlike competitor vinyl fences, Duramax products are engineered for the Southwest climate. Using a special blend, DuraResin, Duramax vinyl fences do not yellow under the heat and last many years longer. The science behind this is the 12-parts titanium dioxide that acts as a UV inhibitor.

2. Complete Range of Products

Duramax excels at designing great products. Not only can you get a quality vinyl fence, but you can also install patio covers, decks, aluminum fencing, sheds are more. Homeowners will find it comforting to know that the brand they are buying comes from a long lineage of high-quality well-known home products.

3. Higher Durability than Industry Standards

Duramax goes above and beyond when it comes to quality. All vinyl fence products exceed the industry standard in thickness and durability. What that means is a quality fence that doesn’t break as easily and lasts a lifetime without needing replacement.

In conclusion, Duramax fence is a product that stands out through quality that homeowners want. The product line offers a variety of choices that can meet any preference in style. And the durability exceeds the industry standard, proving to be longer-lasting and more secure in the property itself.


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