Installing fencing solutions in Denver from Duramax – Give your property a revamped look

Custom vinyl fencing

If you wish to make your property attractive, installing good fencing is very important. When you have beautiful fences, you have happy neighbors. But did you ever think about the fencing material? It has been seen than fences rust, wear and sometimes look shabby; there are wooden and metal fences that demand a lot of maintenance. How do you get rid of such issues? The answer is by installing vinyl fences.


Vinyl is the newest material that is being avidly used for fencing around residential and commercial properties. A lot of homeowners wish to enjoy ample privacy, for that you need to install a semi privacy fence in Denver, from Duramax. We are the leaders in manufacturing various types of fences, you can choose from the types according to your requirement and preference. Semi privacy fences are gaining popularity because people are looking for some air along with little privacy. Our semi-private fences are manufactured in such a way that after installation, you get air to breathe and the sky to see along with enough privacy. These fences do not render a feeling of keeping you enclosed, these look smaller and there are enough spaces between each plank. If you desire something more appealing, you have room for customization. You can install planks that are thin, tall and you can place those evenly at a distance of a few inches apart. Now, this will give some sense of openness and privacy your fences have the right height.

Explore our store for a whole range of modern vinyl fences; we have clients who mainly look for semi privacy fence that is 3-5 feet tall. There are tiny openings between each picket and those allow the air to flow and the sun to enter. You have the liberty to choose the picket spacing depending on the amount of privacy you require.

Now do you have a pool in your property that do not have a fencing yet or the fence around your pool look old? It is time to install our durable vinyl pool fence that won’t perish with time. Our pool fences look very modern and made of quality vinyl panels; it can keep your kids and pets safe. Take a tour of our website to browse through the range of pool fences. Our fences are 5x stronger than any other material, it retains its original color, looks aesthetic, it’s fire resistant and self-extinguishing property also comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to fencing solutions from Duramax, we offer scope of customization because we understand that no two people have the same taste. We can install the fences flawlessly; our fences are durable, lightweight and free from maintenance. It’s also possible for clients to install fences by themselves. Our fences are available in a variety of colors, types and patterns; you would always find vinyl superior when you compare it to any other materials. We are offering vinyl fencing solutions at an affordable pricing.  


Fencing is an assent as it increases the value of your property. Install fencing from Duramax, enjoy safety and privacy. We are one of the top suppliers of various types of fencing and it’s been more than a decade we are offering home improvement solutions. We have a team of experts who help you to choose the right fencing. Get in touch with us with your project related discussions and queries.