Jose installed Duramax custom vinyl fencing around his property and the pool area

Durable Vinyl Fencing Denver

Jose contacted Duramax fence because he wanted a new fence around his home and also around the pool area. When he realized that his property was losing the look and feel and also that his home was about to lose its value, he started finding ways of renovating it. So, fencing was included in his list of revamp that needs to be done. Jose is very much aware of the latest trends and he being an interior designer himself wanted custom vinyl fencing in San Diego.


Vinyl fences are now very popular in the market and it has almost replaced all other types of fencing material. Jose was a bit aware of vinyl fences and knew that this was the most durable and affordable fencing option when compared to other fencing materials. Duramax being one among the most reputed vinyl fencing suppliers we offer good quality vinyl fences and now Jose is impressed with what we offered.

We offered him classy White Vinyl Fence for the pool area and now the pool area looks amazing. He has pets so now his pets are completely safe even if they come by the poolside. He hired contractors also to install a fence around his house and how the entire property looks so beautiful.

Jose was worried whether the fences would be able to stand the scorching Southwest sun but he discovered that Duramax fences are specially manufactured to sustain the heat. The fences are made of Duraresin formulation. The fences have more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, thus enjoying maximum UV stability. Now Jose does not care about the weather, he is sure that his fences are going to endure it all. It’s been just a year that he installed the fence and he keeps sharing images of the fences, his property and his pool area. He is happy that his fences do not look old and the white has remained white. Vinyl fences never turn yellow therefore your fences would never look too old.

It’s a boon that the vinyl fences are so easy to clean, Jose just rinses off with a hose and the fences shine. The fences remain unaffected in any kind of impact, heat, fire and even extreme cold while fences made of other material show changes. Quality is a very important factor not only for Jose but also for all the customers. We ensure that our fences are tested for quality and it exceeds the ASTM F964 standards. No other fence company has reached this standard even so we boast of the quality we offer.


Jose was looking for durable fences and he is completely contended with the thick fences that we offer. The routing system is very strong and locks with every member without even any screws and brackets. Now Jose’s friends are impressed by the fence and a few among them are also interested in installing such fences. We got calls from such customers and some of them were looking for colorful fences. Duramax fences are available in a variety of colors.

We are ranked No #1 among the vinyl fencing suppliers in San Diego. Our fences offer a rich look and feel; they are absolutely useful and high performance. Jose feels secure because we offered a limited lifetime warranty, we offer this to all our customers.