Julie installed a white vinyl fence from Duramax and her property looked so amazing that its image got published in renowned magazine

Choose Duramax To Have Your Own Custom Fence In Denver

When you think of beautiful and aesthetic fencing, you can think of white vinyl fence. Fencing can be both beautiful and utilitarian and there is no denying that vinyl fencing around a property looks so ornamental, it can beautify your landscape.

If you are planning to install a white vinyl fence but still cannot decide, read the story of Julie, a homeowner who installed a white picket fence around her home and it was indeed beautiful. She has a beautiful garden and during the Fall season when reddish leaves fall on the ground the white fenced property looks even more amazing. She shared with us a picture of her home and garden space that a photographer clicked and it has been published in a renowned magazine. 


There is nothing more classy and quaint than a white color fencing below which green grasses grow. Now if you are thinking whether the white fence would look the same after months and years, you must know that this is the specialty of vinyl. We ensure that white would retain its whiteness without getting yellowish. Occasional maintenance and cleaning can help the fences to last for a lifetime. Julie did not clean the fences regularly; she occasionally uses the garden hose to rinse off the dust on the surface.

Everyone does not like white so if you are fond of colors, get fences from Duramax that are colorful and your property would look absolutely vibrant. Wood has a rustic appeal so there are more than a handful of clients who love wooden fences because of the rustic appeal and they look for something similar in vinyl. If you are among one of them, we present to you the DuraGrain series that showcase vinyl fences that look similar to wood in terms of rusticity, richness and elegance but offer traditional beauty for a lifetime and a carefree performance. Vinyl fences very much unlike wooden ones are not prone to rotting, termite attack, stains, wearing out, re-polishing and repainting.

Julie was looking for a durable fencing solution and we assured her that the vinyl fences are not damaged by any impact, not affected by high heat and also extreme cold temperature. Yes, she was worried whether the fences would be affected by the Southwest Sun. But she told us after months that the fences did not lose the quality, did not show any signs of discoloration or anything else. Similarly if you are worried about the heat and the condition of the fences, we assure that the fences are made from Duraresin, a special vinyl formulation that is used to withstand the hot Southwest Sun. The products are all made of 12 parts of titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors which gives highest weatherability and UV stability.

Being one of the renowned vinyl fencing suppliers in western USA, Duramax fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards which is very high within the fencing industry. We offer custom fencing in San Diego, get fences the way you want. The vinyl used to manufacture the fences is thick, has a strong routing system and locks perfectly. Safety is a big concern for the homeowners, the fences are fire-resistant, 105 mph wind test passed and free from poisonous lead. The products are made in the USA, environment-friendly and like Julie you also get a lifetime limited warranty.