Kane installed a beautiful white vinyl fence from Duramax and her yard looks amazing

Before the monsoon sets, Kane was interested in completing her home improvement and this included installing a fence around her yard.  She researched the internet about durable fencing solutions; she asked her friends and colleagues and finally chose to call Duramax for a vinyl fence around her yard.

She was also planning for her daughter’s birthday which was to happen in a couple of months. She spoke to us about her yard being exposed to a lot of sunlight. She feared that the fences would get damaged soon; she wanted to be assured about the durability of these fences. Duramax ensured that we have top quality vinyl fences that are specially engineered for the Southwest sun. Yes, the heat is intense and we get a lot of calls from clients who are worried about the same factor. Our fences are designed using the DuraResin formulation which helps the fences to endure the intense and hot Southwest sunrays. We use 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and certain UV inhibitors which gives the fences the highest amount of UV stability and weatherability.


We informed Kane that our fences are available in a variety of colors but she asked us about white vinyl fence. White fences look extremely soothing and so aesthetic so the moment she came to know that we have in stock a variety of white fences, she made up her mind to install a white vinyl fence in Ventura. If you install a vinyl fence, you can be assured that the fences won’t lose their color and the white ones won’t become yellow. After installing Kane wrote to us “My daughter loves the white fences, we are very satisfied. Thank you Duramax”. She also shared images with us how she has renovated her property and how her fence matches with the yard.

We offered Kane durable fences, the vinyl we use to manufacture these fences are thick, has a very tough routing system and a perfect locking mechanism. The fences do not require any brackets or screws and the fences look so perfect. Talking about resistivity, the fences are not affected at all by heat, fire, impact and cold weather. Kane was worried about turbulent weather and storms but she was stunned when we told her that our fences are 105 mph wind-tested. Quality is a very important factor for each and every client and we do not compromise. The vinyl fences exceed the ASTM F964 certification which is quite high when compared to the rest of the fencing industry.

Are you scared that you have to maintain those white fences? Hear what Kane says “Vinyl fences are so easy to clean and there are no issues of staining. I simply use a garden hose to rinse off the dust or wipe it sometimes.” When you install vinyl fences, you get rid of regular maintenance.

Vinyl fences are available in different styles and colors but white fences have an increasing demand and its customer’s favorite.  Our vinyl fence has traditional beauty and offers superb performance for a lifetime. The fences are environment friendly; the products are recyclable and lead-free. We also offered her a lifetime limited warranty so if you are interested in our products you would be entitled to get the same. Order a fence now.