Kevin has installed an elegant Duramax white vinyl fence that would never turn yellow

Vinyl Picket Fence

If you are planning to install a fence around your property, you can invest in the low maintenance and affordable vinyl fences. There are different fencing materials but vinyl has plenty of advantages compared to all others. Thus, vinyl is a very popular choice when it comes to fencing. When you plan a fencing project, we know you have made up your mind to make a significant investment, it’s a part of home improvement. Duramax is a credible and reliable fence supplier in the Western USA. 


 Kevin came to us while looking for durable custom vinyl fencing in Denver for his yard. We suggested he install a vinyl picket fence, which is a popular choice among most homeowners. A picket fence is installed mainly to beautify your property exterior. After installing Kevin wrote to us, “My home looks fabulous now, the fence will last long and I don’t have to worry about repainting or rotting.”  

If you are motivated enough and feel that you should invest in a white fence, it’s time you choose your fence from the Duramax store. We also offer fences online, and there is a stock of different types of vinyl fences, you have plenty of options. Kevin chose to install a white vinyl fence but we also have so many clients who are interested in colorful fences that look so vibrant and fresh. We have a team that can plan well to make your property look aesthetically pleasing and appealing. 

Now, Kevin was eager to know whether the fences could endure the heat of the intense Southwest sun. We are aware of this as most clients are facing the same issue, and their old fences have been damaged due to the sun. But when it comes to vinyl, there is no scope of sun damage. Our fences are made of DuraResin formulation that can withstand the heat of the Southwest sun. The products are manufactured of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, which gives maximum UV stability and weather-ability. The fences do not show deformities of any kind due to external factors like heat, fire, impact, or weather conditions like high-speed wind, extreme heat, or cold temperatures. 

The fences are thicker, having a secure routing system, and a proper locking mechanism. The products look so flawless due to the absence of any screws or brackets. Also, Duramax vinyl fences do not need any regular maintenance. You can take the dirt off by rinsing with a hose or wipe it. 

We ensured Kevin that our fences are high-quality and meet the necessary ASTMF964 standards. All our products are tested and run through a quality check before delivery. 

The fences are made in our unit in the USA; the products are environment –friendly, recyclable, and free from lead. We are the most experienced fence manufacturers in the Western USA. Order now and get a limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with us for a consultation.