Laya chose to install a White Vinyl Fence from the house of Duramax couple of months before her anniversary

Work with the top vinyl fence in Ventura

Laya wanted to get a new fence for her property so she contacted Duramax for vinyl fences. She now has wooden fencing around which looks old and lost its sheen, its termite infested and now demands replacement. In a couple of months she would be celebrating her anniversary and before that aimed to renovate the property. So, fencing can actually improve the look and feel of the property exterior. This time she wished to install a sober white vinyl fence in Ventura. White fences are very cool to look at and have the kind of elegance that homeowners demand.

The vinyl fences from the house of Duramax are engineered for the Southwest Sun. Those can withstand the high heat and remain as good as new which is so unlike any other fencing material. The secret is the Duraresin formulation which is used and this combination helps the fences to endure the scorching heat. The products have the highest amount of UV stability and ability to withstand all weather conditions which is due to the manufacturing process. Yes, the fences are made from 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Laya is a perfectionist so she is much worried about the fences turning yellowish with the passage of time rather really fast but Duramax guarantees that even if years pass by the fences would remain white in all environmental conditions.

Durability is something that all customers wish for and Laya is no exception. The vinyl that is used to manufacture fences is thick and has an exceptionally strong routing system which locks with every member. The fences also do not require ant screws and brackets that do not look pleasant. So, if you are planning to choose a white vinyl fence, it would be the most long-lasting solution that you ever installed. The products remain unaffected by heat, cold, impact, all other probable environmental aspects and you do not have to repaint the fences ever. Those are not prone to wearing out, rotting, termite infestation, stains and more. Duramax fences are very serious when it comes to ensuring quality to the customers and Laya was impressed that the fences exceed the ASTM F964 certification.

Do you know how to clean a vinyl fence? So here is what Laya says: “The white vinyl fence that I installed does not get dirty but to keep it clean I simply wash off with a hose, it is unbelievably easy.” True that because our fences do not have any strict cleaning or maintenance guidelines.

Now if you are someone who loves the rusticity of wood, the rich texture, look and feel, we have fences that look entirely wood but made from vinyl. Our products are available in various styles and colors but we see a rising demand in white fences and it was always a customer’s favorite.  

Duramax fences offer traditional beauty and a high performance for a lifetime. Laya, since she is aware of the environment she asked us how environment friendly the fences are? We assure that they are recyclable, free from lead also made in the USA. We also offered her a lifetime limited warranty so if you are interested in our products you would be entitled to get the same. Order now !