Louis and Linda installed a Duramax white color vinyl fence around their garden area

custom vinyl fencing Denver

Louis and Linda both have a wonderful property that is surrounded by a garden, they have a pet dog and a kid at home. Both of them are artists and both wanted to install a vinyl fence around their property, to place a boundary around their garden where they recently started growing flowers and vegetables. Similar to this couple, we have so many clients who have already invested in white color fences and we get so many new queries related to the same. 


The couple called us for a consultation, their garden faces towards the sun and they were scared that the fences would be affected. We assured that vinyl fences are of high quality and specially made for the Southwest sun. These fences can take in a high amount of heat; it’s made of Duraresin which offers ample UV stability to the fences. Also, the fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors which works as a shield, giving a lot of UV stability and weather ability.

They ordered a white color vinyl fence, but they also worried about the fences turning yellowish. But vinyl is a lot different thus a white color fence will always remain white, you might have to do a minimal cleaning to bring back the shine on your fences. After installation, they shared with us a few images of the vinyl picket fence; they also did a nice photo shoot with the family keeping the fence in the background. We feel so content when we see our clients happy. They wrote to us “The fence looks awesome, it’s soothing and pleasing, Thank you Duramax for the high quality fencing.” So, if you are also eager to install a vinyl ence, choose vinyl and your white color will shine for a lifetime. Cleaning is very easy, you can just wipe out or use a hose to rinse and no regular maintenance is required.

We also shared more information with both of them regarding our fences, since they chose for a consultation. The fences made from vinyl are not affected by any sort of impact, even the most turbulent storm cannot uproot the fences and we assure this because the fences are 105 mph wind tested. Also, vinyl fences are not affected by high heat, fire and do not show cracks in very cold temperatures. Duramax fences have exceeded the high standards, the products meet the ASTM F964 standards which is very high when compared to rest of the fences from different manufacturers.  

Louis and Linda were very contended with thick vinyl fences having a very strong routing system and a proper locking mechanism. The fences look flawless because there are no screws and brackets that are visible. You can order fences of various colors according to your choice. The fences are beautiful and offer a lifetime performance. These fences do not need repainting. The fences are lead-free and this makes it non-toxic, we manufacture fences that are environment-friendly and recyclable.

Duramax fences are made in the USA, a very affordable and long-lasting solution. If you are feeling inspired by this couple and you also wish to beautify your property, choose Duramax for a custom vinyl fencing in Denver and also indulge in some other home improvement. We have our website from where you can order fences online. All our customers are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty on all products.