San Diego’s Most Popular Fence Types in 2019

San Diego's most popular fence types in 2019

Vinyl fence in San Diego has become 2019’s most popular fence type! It makes sense due to San Diego being a coastal city, humidity and high temperatures plays a big role in home maintenance. There are many fence types that a homeowner can choose from such as vinyl, wood, iron, or aluminum. But it makes sense that homeowners choose one that can look great and stay durable for a long time. Out of the four options, vinyl has the lowest maintenance required and in this blog we will go deeper into why.



Whether you see vinyl fence in Orange or San Diego, it is because the humidity in coastal cities is higher. Fence types such as iron or aluminum do not perform well with humidity and begin to corrode overtime. Vinyl on the other hand is water and chemical resistant. Also, when it is summer and the heat rises, wood can dry and crack. Duramax vinyl fences on the other hand, are engineered for the southwest sun.



Some fence materials need periodic coating to maintain its resistance to weather. Wood needs paint, and metals need gloss coating to protect from wearing. In the long run, this can be time costly and difficult to do at times when owners are busy.



When it comes to daily or weekly cleaning, it is important that the material is easy and fast otherwise this repetitive task can accumulate to a lot more time wasted than needed. Vinyl is smooth and water resistant so a simple water hose can get the job done. Wood can have pores that absorb dirt or bacteria deeper and require more effort cleaning.

Once you realize these factors that apply to different fence in San Diego, it is obvious why vinyl fence has become the most popular in 2019. If you’re thinking about getting fence in Orange or San Diego, give us a call at 888-570-0297 today!