Secure Your Yard and Get Privacy with Duramax Fences

Durable Vinyl Fencing Denver

One of the main options for home improvement would be adding security and privacy to your yard. Fencing is a great way to add protection from trespassers and also privacy from nosy eyes. In the world of fence, there are mainly vinyl, metal, and wood. We are going to talk about each type in this article.

Rusted Metal Fence

If you drive around your neighborhood, chances are you will see some properties with old metal fences. This is the dilemma with choosing metal, it is strong at first but gets weathered down. Rust can make a fence look unappealing and even lower property value. If there is a pool in the backyard, the moisture may accelerate the rusting as well. 

A long-term replacement to metal would be vinyl. Since vinyl lasts a lifetime, it is very low maintenance and stays looking new. Perimeter fencing or semi-privacy fencing would be an ideal balance of security and privacy while keeping looks up to date. 

Chipped Wooden Fence

The type of fencing that requires the most maintenance would be wood. Homeowners have loved the traditional look of wood for a long time and some choose it just for the looks. The catch is that wooden fences need to have layers of paint and protection. Extreme temperatures can dry out the wood or termites can break down the material. Wood fences need constant repair. 

A long-term replacement for wood would be our DuraGrain product. DuraGrain is a vinyl fence that has the textured appeal of wood but the material of long lasting vinyl. Basically you are able to capture the aesthetic looks without any of the required upkeep. 

Do you wish to install semi private fencing?

If you have children playing around your yard, a semi-privacy fence is a good option. Our semi vinyl private fences are well-structured, have enough space for air flow and provides ample security. Semi private fence is good because it won’t cut off the outside environment and your yard would have the cooling breeze flowing through it. 

Duramax offers durability and quality to all its customers. Get in touch with us with your fencing requirements and we shall cater to it offering you customized solutions. Please get in touch with us for a free sample and call us for a consultation.