Sophia revamped her garden and property by installing a white vinyl fence around it

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Sophia is one of our esteemed clients who looked through the internet for a fence company and she got in touch with Duramax. She owns a beautiful garden and now she wished to install a beautiful vinyl fence around it. Sophia wanted to consult the Duramax team, she showed us pictures of her property and we suggested she install a white vinyl fence. We showed her pictures of homes and gardens that have white fences installed and she was mesmerized. Now post-installation she is so satisfied with the look and feel of her garden, she wrote a testimonial which says “Thank you Duramax for such a lovely fence, it has so much life in it. I love my garden more now and the customer service I got is amazing.”


For all those who are thinking of installing a white vinyl fence or any other lighter shade, there is nothing classier than that. Vinyl fences do not fade, do not catch stains and remain white without becoming yellowish. Regular cleaning and maintenance is not necessary, a vinyl fence can last for a lifetime without much maintenance. Sophie uses a fences hose to rinse the fences to wash off the dust from the fence surface. We now have so many clients like Sophie who have already invested in different types of white vinyl fences from our online store. You can also choose colored fences if you are looking for something gorgeous and vibrant. Our fences do not require repainting and re-polishing.

Our experts told Sophia that our fences are durable; our products are not affected by intense heat, extreme cold, fire and harsh weather conditions. The fences are tested with wind blowing at 105 mph. After installation she was impressed that the fences remained unaffected by the hot sun. We already told her while consultation that our fences are made especially for the intense Southwest sun. The fences are made of Duraresin which is a special formulation designed to endure the heat of the sun. The fences are all made of 12 parts of titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors giving the products acute weather ability and UV stability.

We assured Sophia about the quality, all the fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards and this is quite high compared to the rest within the fencing industry. We use thick vinyl having a solid routing system and a locking mechanism. The fences do not need screws and brackets at all.

Vinyl fences are available in various colors and designs, these are becoming increasingly popular. Fencing around a property looks ornamental and adds adequate security as well. A white vinyl fence looks very elegant and pleasing; a lot of homeowners prefer installing it around their property. There are vinyl fencing companies in the Western USA that offer custom vinyl fencing in San Diego. When you are looking for a fence manufacturer, research the internet to find a renowned company.

Duramax manufacturers various types of vinyl fences in our unit which is based in the USA. Our fences are environment-friendly and free from lead. We are one of the well-regarded vinyl fencing suppliers in western USA. Order today and get a lifetime limited warranty.