Things Contractors Should Know about When Choosing Vinyl Fences

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Vinyl fences have created a craze in the construction world today. So, it is probably a common occurrence when a client asks you to install this particular kind of fence in their yard or around their property. Vinyl fences provide the ultimate privacy, are exceptional when it comes to maintenance, and come with the most versatile choice of designs. 


It’s the ideal piece of work that will fit into any client’s design. But, as a contractor, you should know a lot about the material, as well as its installation before you give a client his options. This goes beyond just the list of advantages or disadvantages. 

Your task is to find the best vinyl fence provider, help the client choose the perfect design, and provide them with exactly what they need and have imagined for their property.

To help you with all this, our experienced team at Duramax has come up with some very useful tips about choosing vinyl fences.

  • Find a Great Company

This is the first and most important thing you need to take care of as a contractor. Even if your client has heard of vinyl fences, they can still make a wrong decision when choosing a provider. 

The Duramax vinyl fences are the leading choice on the construction market. There are three main reasons behind this:

  • Affordability: not only do we have amazing rates for our products, but their high durability minimizes costs in the long run, too. 
  • Versatility: our company offers your client the widest choice of colours, sizes, and designs. We even have fences that have all the advantages vinyl offers, but look like wood. 
  • Simple instalment and maintenance: everything from installing to cleaning the vinyl fences we sell is simple. The interlocking mechanism makes your job easy and your client’s expenses lower. Then, they only need a hose and clean water to maintain the installed fences.


  • Focus on Size and Thickness

Now that you know where you can find the fence materials you’ve been looking for, it is time to go through your client’s requirements and decide on the details. Thankfully, we have vinyl fences that come in various thicknesses and sizes. Based on your client’s demands in terms of size, privacy, as well as design, we can help you choose the right material.


  • Look for the Right Set of Features

If you don’t have much experience or aren’t sure about what’s best for your client, use our free consultation service and find the best solution for your client. We have many features your clients can benefit from, such as: resistance to impact, cold or heat, UV inhibitors and Titanium Dioxide, etc. 


  • Help Them with the Design

With this many options at your disposal, you will always find the right product to offer to your client. Give them all the information they need in terms of the features of vinyl fences, and help them pick a fencing design. The design can affect the height, shape, as well as privacy level. This is the part where your client makes the final decision, but it’s still your job to present them with the best options.

The best part about Duramax is – you get a free sample upon request!