Tim and Maria our esteemed clients enhanced the appeal of their property by choosing custom vinyl fencing in Denver

Choose Duramax To Have Your Own Custom Fence In Denver

We understand it well that there are so many brands that manufacture vinyl fences and also finding the ideal white vinyl fence is quite overwhelming and can drive anxiety. Fencing is a legitimate purchase for home improvement that involves investment and should be long lasting. So how would you know you are purchasing from a reliable fencing manufacturer? So, Duramax, one of the leaders in fencing, suggests to trust reviews, what people say matters a lot.


This is what Maria told us when she called up for custom vinyl fencing in Denver. Maria owns a nice house and she is a passionate gardener and now she feels that she needs to install a vinyl picket fence around the garden. Now that she loves white as it looks like a dream when installed in the garden area we offered her the product. We have an array of white vinyl fences that looks absolutely classy and elegant. She shared her fear that incase the white fences turn dusty and grayish or yellowish it would almost be a bad investment. Duramax assures that our fences are made to remain white and look as good as new.

Duramax also offers beautiful fences for decorative purposes and now we also share the requirements of another client called Tim. He was about to be married and before that he was renovating his property. He contacted Duramax and wanted decorative fences to beautify his property. He wanted a vibrant color so we recommended him to get a green vinyl picket fence to add appeal to his home. We got very little time and had to plan the fencing solution really fast for this client and later we came to know that the couple is happy with the fencing and have recommended others.

Both our clients share something in common that they were quite bothered about the Southwest sun, the effect of it on the fencing. Our vinyl fences are specially manufactured to endure the Southwest Sun. It’s made of the Duraresin formulation to withstand the scorching sun. Our fences are made of 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors, thus our fences have the highest amount of UV stability and weather ability.  Our fences do not show any deformities under any weather conditions, heat, impact and cold temperature and fire.

These days life is getting busier and there is less time to maintain and look after things. When you install Duramax fences you do not have to worry about maintenance and cleaning. Vinyl fences do not require any routine maintenance, you can rinse off with a hose and the fences would look clean.


Quality is of utmost importance and offering fencing for more than a decade, Duramax ensures the fences meet the required standards and tested before delivery. Thus, all our fences exceed the ASTM F964 standards. Unlike wood, our fences do not rot, get infested by termites or get stains. The products offer lifetime performance having a limited lifetime warranty. The fences are made in the USA, recyclable and affordable. If you want custom vinyl fencing in Denver like Tim and Maria, get in touch with us.