Vinyl or Wood: What Should You Choose for Your Client’s New Home?

When a new client approaches you with a list of demands for their home, it is your obligation as a contractor to give them the best advice. That’s why they come to you in the first place. That being said, when your client asks you to help him choose a fence, they expect you to know the options, their pros and cons, and weigh them in the client’s favour. 

As you know at this point, the two most popular materials used for fences today are wood and vinyl. Wood is the old-fashioned choice that still turns heads, while vinyl is the modern choice that’s marked the biggest success in the fencing industry of today. 

Knowing the two biggest competitors, which one should you choose for your client’s home?

The answer is vinyl, and there are many reasons for it. Here at Duramax fences, we’ve created the highest quality vinyl fences that will provide your clients’ with the many qualities and virtues of this amazing material. To help you make a decision, we’ve weighed the pros and cons of the two competitors below.

Comparing durability

Vinyl beats wood by a lot when it comes to durability. Research has shown that vinyl is four times stronger than wood when it comes to fencing. Why? Because compared to wood that can hardly survive harsh or turbulent weather conditions, vinyl can survive in any environment you install it in. 

Wood has a short lifespan and is a terrible choice to put in humid areas like near your client’s swimming pool or the yard with sprinkles. Also, let’s not forget that it will be installed outside – so it’s quite susceptible to weather damage in any case. 

In terms of vinyl, none of these problems exist. Vinyl has a long lifespan, doesn’t decay, won’t peel or delaminate. Moreover, vinyl won’t become the home of bacteria and fungus, and it doesn’t need re-painting at all.

Comparing maintenance requirements

How many people have the time to fix and clean their fences for hours? The answer is – not many. And even if your client has the time, they won’t really like the idea of having to repaint and repair their wooden fence on a regular basis. Cleaning wooden fences is far from simple. 

This is not the case with vinyl. Vinyl is highly presentable even under the roughest weather conditions. It can be simply cleaned with the hose without any extra materials or effort on your client’s behalf. It won’t start rotting and peeling after a few months. In every sense, vinyl is easier to maintain.

Comparing costs

Wood can be found at a cheaper price than vinyl, but when you compare the cost in a long run, vinyl comes really close to it. Just reduce the high costs for wood fence installation (vinyl is installed extremely easy and without a lot of labour required), constant renovations and replacements, and maintenance. When you calculate it all, vinyl is actually a really good option for your client in the long run. And since you won’t be getting angry call backs few months after the project, it’s a really good option for you, too.

Comparing Aesthetics

Wooden fences have their own appeal. But, if you’re really into the wooden appearance, you’ll be happy to learn that Duramax now offers DuraResin – fences with the aesthetics of real wood, but the amazing features of vinyl.

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