What makes Duramax “The Quality Product of Choice”

Ever notice how dirt tends to build upon the bottom rail of a fence? This can lead to a fence that is dirty, moldy or even covered with mildew! That is why the Duramax privacy fence comes with the patented DirtGuard that is designed to minimize dirt build-up across the entire perimeter of your fence.

Decades of experience allow Duramax to design products that delight customers for years.

Have you experienced how difficult a wrought iron fence is to maintain and how it ends up getting rusty anyways? Alumax is an option for homeowners that want an affordable yet durable and aesthetic option for their fencing.

Alumax is aluminum and screwless in appearance, leaving a flush smooth appearance to your fence. Alumax comes in a variety of design options, at lower prices, and also residential, commercial, or industrial grades.

Give your customers more options by selling Duramax Fence.

Wooden fence has been a classic favorite. What people don’t understand is that there is a lot of maintenance required to keep wooden fence nice and enjoyable. Many homeowners are convinced that vinyl is better option for low maintenance and aesthetic looks.

Working with Duramax, there is no longer a discussion needed on the matter. Duragrain is the best of both worlds, giving you the traditional look of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl. Your customers can be happy they don’t have to decide between wood or vinyl. And happier customers mean more referrals and revenue.

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Working with Duramax opens doors to a bigger product mix and patented technology adding value to your business. Along with excellent products, learn about all the benefits of being a Duramax preferred fence dealer:
At Duramax Building Products, you receive:
  • Exclusivity: We don’t sell to everyone as other vendors do
  • Protected Territories: Our contractors are dealers with their own territory
  • A noticeably better product that focuses on quality over price
  • Quality leads from our marketing efforts