Why Every Contractor Should Choose Vinyl over Aluminium Fencing

Custom vinyl fencing

When you’re hired to do a fencing job, you’ll probably find yourself in a pickle: aluminium or vinyl? Clients seem to love them both, which makes it your job to pit these two against each other in a fair match. 

Since the invention of vinyl in the 1980s, the interest for this material has been growing faster than it has for any other fencing option. The benefits it gives to clients and contractors are undeniable, but what makes it better than the old-fashioned aluminium fencing?

Vinyl vs. Aluminium

Let’s give these two a peek from the most important perspectives.

  • Privacy

Most of your clients will ask you to install a fence that blocks out things such as spying neighbours or a busy street. One of the main purposes of installing a fence is privacy, so you’re definitely looking for a material that provides this. 

Structurally speaking, vinyl provides higher levels of privacy than aluminium. Our product is available in different heights and the interlocking feature ensures ultimate privacy. If you choose to use aluminium fences instead, you’d have to consider adding features like hedges and trees to boost the client’s privacy.

  • Aesthetics

Aluminium is technically stronger than vinyl, but many clients prefer the latter thanks to its versatility. When it comes to aesthetics, vinyl beats aluminium by a lot. With our vinyl fencing material, clients can pick between a variety of colours. They don’t need to paint the fences and maintenance is extremely easy. In fact, our selection even includes the look of grain woods which definitely eliminates the idea of using the low-durability wood fencing option.

  • Cost

There isn’t a sure winner in this battle like there was in the previous two. You can find both aluminium and vinyl materials at a similar cost. However, seeing how price is calculated in the long run too, vinyl often beats aluminium by a little. Both are strong materials, but vinyl requires less money and effort for maintenance and installation, making the cost slightly better in the long run. 

  • Maintenance

No client will want to spend all their time trying to maintain a well-looking fence. Thankfully, both these options require little maintenance. You can use the same method to clean them – hose them with some water to wash off the debris and dirt. In terms of maintenance, both these materials are great.

  • Installation

Installation affects many things like the effort you have to put into the project, as well as the money your client will invest in this. That being said, it’s no wonder why vinyl is so popular among contractors and clients. It is the simplest to install and you don’t have to ask clients to shell out the big bucks. 

So, which option will you choose? Knowing your options, we’ll let you be the judge of this. If you decide to opt for our highly durable, tested and approved vinyl fencing material, make sure to reach out to us for a free sample or a consultation.