Why you should know the differences between residential, commercial, and industrial fences

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Metal fences come in many different styles, but a lot of people don’t realize that they also come in different grades as well. Depending on the project needs, whether it is for a home, public park, or guarded facility, different specifications of fencing are needed. In this article we will discuss the uses of residential, commercial, and industrial fences.

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Residential aluminum fencing is a great way to secure a garden, lawn, pool, or yard at home. Homeowners can rely on the strength of residential fencing to negate trespassers, prevent falls, keeping pets in, or just define property lines. Aluminum fencing is ideal because of its low weight and durable material, it allows for easier installation and saves on shipping and install costs. The easy assembly instructions allows for self installation as well for additional cost savings.

When it comes to building a fence around pools, BOCA requirements involve 45 inches between horizontal rails while pickets must be spaced less than 4 inches. The gate has a 48 inch minimum height, opening away from the pool and also self locking. The latch has a 54 inch minimum height requirement to prevent children from entering. Be sure to examine local building codes for any difference in requirements.


The physical difference between commercial and residential fences is that commercial fence has larger pickets, rails, and thicker material. The purpose is to increase the strength and durability for environments with heavy traffic. Commercial fences also include metal support ribs for additional fortification. Commercial fences are commonly used in retail property, apartment complexes, hotels, and other businesses. They are sometimes chosen for an aesthetic appeal while maintaining higher strength and longer lifespan.

Similar to industrial fencing, commercial is used as protection from potential threats or intruders. The main difference is protection of people versus protection of assets. Facilities with product, equipment, machinery, or valuables tend to be protected with fence of industrial quality.   


Industrial aluminum fencing is the highest level of quality and security. Commonly used in hospitals, large estates, prisons, storage facilities, and manufacturing warehouses. Industrial grade fencing begins to shift into security and protection from theft. Fences at this grade can reach 10 feet tall to prevent any trespassing.

Although there are different grades and thickness of fences, all grades offer styles that fit different needs. Pickets can be outfitted with spears on top to prevent climbing, or just flat tops. Some styles offer more pickets for a tighter fit to prevent animals from squeezing through. No matter what the needs, there is a style and grade that provides a solution. Get professional help to ensure the best results. Duramax has decades of experience with all the uses, applications, and styles of fencing at your fingertips.

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