Work With the Top Vinyl Fence in Ventura

Work with the top vinyl fence in Ventura

Vinyl fencing is one the rise as the top building material for fences in Ventura. Due to vinyl’s useful properties such as water resistance, low maintenance, and durability, both residential and commercial properties have been choosing vinyl over wood or wrought iron. However, there are many different vinyl fencing suppliers to choose from. This article is to talk about why Duramax stands out as a vinyl fence supplier and also why you should choose Duramax as your supplier.

Duramax Building Products is the leading vinyl fence supplier in Ventura. Our vinyl fencing has been consistently improving over the past few decades to bring you the highest quality material and latest designs. Our leading product lines such as the Duragrain or Privacy have been top favorites in the fencing industry. Being distributed throughout California, Duramax is known for their reliability and quality.

All commercial properties should have a fence that can keep people safe and still offer an aesthetic finish as well. One of our newer fences is the 2×7” rail that was built to be stronger and more durable while still giving a clean screwless vinyl finish. Partner with Duramax to work with the latest quality vinyl fencing in Ventura. Interested in Duramax fencing? Give us a call at 310-507-9585!

Duramax understands what high-quality vinyl fencing should be. Not only are posts thicker and more durable than competitors, all vinyl products are used with Duraresin, which gives 25% more UV protection than competitors. Being manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, Duramax fences are engineered for the Southwest sun. Our fences are stronger, last longer, and also do not yellow as easy as competitor fences. Wrap up all these benefits and also add a lifetime warranty on the fencing products as well and that is why Duramax is the leading fence supplier.  

There is no longer a need for unsightly brackets and screws on your fence. Duramax fences come with strong routing systems that lock with each member and do not require brackets and screws. Achieve the aesthetic look without compromising on integrity with Duramax. Being tested with 105mph winds and fire, Duramax fences stand out amongst competitors.

Interested in Duramax fencing? Give us a call at 310-507-9585!